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Dental Implants – Flower Mound, TX

The Last Tooth
You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are the gold standard. They offer a more pleasing look compared to regular dentures and bridges and provide a fixed option that lasts a very long time with proper care. Dr. Sapna Amin and Dr. Sogini Mathew of Flower Mound Family Dentistry can provide dental implant restorations (the crowns that sit atop the implanted posts that hold the replacement teeth) once the dental implants have been placed.

Why Choose Flower Mound Family Dentistry for Dental Implants?

  • Entire Procedure Performed
    Under One Roof
  • Advanced Technology Ensures a
    Smooth & Easy Process
  • Custom-Made Restorations
    Designed Just For You

What Are
Dental Implants?

plastic mockup of dental implants

As we hinted at above, a dental implant is actually a small prosthetic tooth root that is placed into the jawbone where a natural tooth used to sit. Made of titanium, implants are extremely strong, and they’re designed to naturally bond with the surrounding bone to give the new tooth reliable support. Once in place, an implant can be attached to a crown, bridge, or denture to bring back how ever many teeth a patient may need.

The Benefits of
Dental Implants

computer illustration of dental implants

Compared to traditional bridges and dentures, dental implants are much, much more stable, and our patients say that they really can’t tell the difference between them and their natural teeth! Implants are topped with custom-made porcelain restorations so they bring back the look of the teeth as well as their function, and with minimal maintenance, they can easily last for 30 years to life (which is multiple times longer than normal restorations).

Are Dental Implants
Right For Me?

man being fitted for dental implant

Our team can use dental implants to help patients dealing with any degree of tooth loss. Once we confirm that you’re healthy enough to undergo the placement procedure, we’ll use one of the following solutions to rebuild your smile.

one implant in jaw bone

Missing One Tooth

Rather than filing down multiple teeth to support a bridge, we can position a single implant topped with a crown within the smile without disturbing the remaining teeth at all. Since this crown will be self-supporting, it will fit much more comfortably compared to a bridge and last much longer.

computer illustration of multiple implants

Missing Multiple Teeth

Rather than using individual implants to replace multiple teeth, a small number of implant posts can provide the foundation for a bridge or partial denture that is much more reliable and durable compared to a removable one.

computer illustration of complete implants on bottom jaw

Missing All of Your Teeth

Even patients with extensive tooth loss can benefit from dental implants. An entire row of teeth can be brought back using just four to six implants attached to a full denture. Implant dentures restore almost all of a patient’s bite strength and allow them to eat many foods that are considered “off-limits” to traditional denture wearers (like grilled meats and fibrous vegetables).

all on 4 implant for lower jaw

All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you’re missing all of your teeth or need to have them extracted due to damage, your tooth replacement options can be somewhat limited. You can use a full denture, which is a removable dental prosthesis held in place with some kind of dental adhesive. But these removable dentures can be less than ideal. The All-on-4 procedure (so named because all of your teeth along a single row can be replaced using just four dental implant posts) can provide the stability of dental implants in a much shorter treatment time. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as “teeth in a day.”

Start to Finish

man checking smile in blue mirror

At most other dental offices, if you want to get dental implants, you’ll be forced to travel between different practices and work with different doctors, making the process stressful and time consuming. At Flower Mound Family Dentistry, however, we’re able to take care of everything right here. From placing your implants to topping them with your restorations, you’ll be able to work with the same dentist and same surgeon that you trust to make recovering your smile as convenient as possible.

Understanding the Cost
of Dental Implants

dental tool placing on implants on plastic jaw

Even though dental implants do tend to have a much higher upfront cost compared to regular bridges and dentures, they are considered a wise investment because of their longevity. Because they last so long, a patient can save thousands versus getting a treatment they’ll have to redo every 5-10 years (which is normal for removable bridges and dentures).

Your dental implant treatment cost will be unique and based on how many teeth you are missing and where they are located. We can outline every aspect of your procedure and discuss how to make it more affordable when you come to see us for a consultation.

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