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woman in x-ray machine

Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Flower Mound, TX

Special Instruments
and Methods for
Special Care

At Flower Mound Family Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology to give our patients much more than just a healthy smile. We can identify and treat the source of chronic pain, find cavities before they ever develop, screen for sleep apnea, and even make exams more transparent so our patients are always on the same page as our team. In the end, this makes appointments more productive, efficient, and pleasant from check-in to checkout. We use our technology to constantly propel our practice forward and provide even better care. You can come benefit from our approach for yourself by giving us a call today.


man holding jaw in pain

Did you know that temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is one of the most common but underdiagnosed sources of chronic jaw, face, head, and neck pain? It involves a strained or injured jaw joint, called the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. Many dentists miss it, but we always examine the TMJ during regular checkups. If we find an issue or a patient reports symptoms, we can determine exactly what is harming the joint and restore its balance using custom-made, therapeutic mouthguards that only need to be worn at night.


woman with isolite in her mouth

This special light provides greater illumination of the oral cavity, making it even easier for our team to perform procedures quickly and comfortably. A mouthpiece that attaches to the light rests your mouth, keeps your tongue & cheek protected, as well as provides continuous suction to keep your mouth clear of extra debris during treatment. Using the entire Isolite system together dramatically reduces aerosols and debris spatter, which protects you as well as our team from airborne particles, pathogens, and bacteria. Isolite is one more way that Flower Mound Family Dentistry looks out for your oral health and ensures quality dentistry.

Purevac® High Volume
Evacuation System

purevac machine

Our Purevac® High Volume Evacuation system enables us to have take a one-handed approach to evacuating the fluid and debris from different dental procedures. This system allows us to remove debris while reducing harmful aerosols, saliva, and fluids as well as reduced noise. This is a significant increase and benefit over the normal saliva ejector and suction. We've added these to each operatory for your increased safety.

HEPA Office
Air Filtration

woman relaxed in exam chair

With the HEPA-grade filters that we have added to our HVAC system, as well as stand-alone air cleaners in each operatory, the air in our office has never been cleaner. A fan sucks in and circulates air through the HEPA or HVAC unit. As the air moves through the filter, the unwanted airborne particles, as well as other pollutants, are captured and the clean air is pushed back out into the office. This kind of advanced air purifying system is one of our many efforts to ensure your safety, as well as put you at ease during your appointment with us.


hygientist using intraoral camera on patient

Intraoral cameras allow our team to get a better view of everything that’s going on inside your mouth. We can also show you anything we find, which means you’ll be better informed about your oral health and dental care. The device itself is only about the size of a pen, but it’s able to capture highly detailed images of the teeth and gums, and it’s especially useful for looking at those parts of the mouth that are hidden from the naked eye.


dentist pointing to red tooth on x-ray

Digital X-rays let us view your X-ray images more quickly than we could with traditional ones, and they’re better for your health, emitting as much as 90% less radiation. And, because they are so fast, we can show them to you seconds after capturing them, allowing your dentist to explain exactly what they are seeing. Being all-digital, it’s very easy for us to store, copy, and send our X-rays so we can conveniently file insurance claims and monitor a patient’s progress during a long-term treatment plan.

Digital Impression

digital impression system

Dental impressions enable us to create a model of a patient’s bite so we can better design and customize their treatment, and now, instead of having a patient bite down into messy “goo” to create one, we can just scan the teeth with cutting edge technology. With our iTero digital scanner, we use this small, handheld device to capture thousands of data points that sophisticated software turns into the perfect impression on a nearby monitor. It’s quick and highly accurate for longer lasting dental work.

Cavity Detection

cavity detection system

DIAGNOdent uses a laser to detect possible cavities long before we would be able to find them with more traditional methods. The light reveals the thickness of the enamel, even within the deep grooves of the back teeth. If there is any indication of thinning or the beginning stages of decay, we can immediately provide conservative treatment to stop a cavity before it even starts. In the long run, this helps a patient preserve more of their teeth and avoid more costly procedures.

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