Don’t Forget to Floss on Vacation

Oral hygiene is a crucial practice in which we clean plaque, bits of food, and other build-ups from our smiles. This means brushing your teeth at least twice each day and flossing every day. If you skip these steps, then these harmful residues will cling to your teeth and weaken them.

Flossing is necessary to clean between your teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. You can see a heightened risk of cavities, gum disease, and other serious dental problems without proper flossing.

When you go on vacation, you may look forward to relaxing. But you will still need to continue flossing each day while away from home if you want to maintain a healthy smile. To better remember to floss on vacation, check out tips from your dentist when you read on.

Don't Forget to Floss on Vacation

Set Reminders to Floss Daily

Whether you have a packed itinerary or intend to relax as much as possible on vacation, you can see a disruption in your usual schedule. This can make it harder to remember to do your typical routines like oral hygiene and flossing.  

To ensure you do not accidentally skip this step in your oral hygiene routine, you may want to set a reminder alert on your phone. This can notify you and inspire you to floss when you might otherwise forget.

It may also prove useful if you visit a different time zone. It can offer clarity on when to keep up with a flossing schedule. Visual cues can also help you remember to floss, such as leaving floss in a visible location like the bathroom sink.

Do Not Rush Flossing

When you floss, do not rush through the process. This may mean plaque will remain on your teeth due to improper cleaning techniques. You can feel more encouraged to pay attention to the way you floss when you set aside time to do so without hurry, like before bedtime.

When flossing with traditional string floss, carefully insert the string between the teeth. Rub gently against the surface of each tooth in your entire mouth. When you floss with purpose, you can ensure a thorough cleaning that will leave your smile clean and healthy.

Consider Alternative Flossing Tools

Traditional string floss works well to clean build-up between your teeth. But some people might prefer other tools for a more targeted cleaning process. For instance, floss picks, devices that feature string floss attached to a plastic handle, can be easier to maneuver in the mouth, especially while on the go.

Many people may benefit from a water flosser as well. This device generates a stream of water that you can aim between the teeth to clean them.

You can pack the flosser and use water from your hotel room or another convenient location to complete this process without worrying about disposing of string floss. Learn more about proper flossing methods when you give your dentist a call.